How It Works

NDA + Pre-Qualification Check

Whitelist + Facilitator Agreement

Submission (plan, risk etc) to Termsheet
(2-3 weeks)

Termsheet Acceptance
(Week 1)

Due Diligence
(Week 2 to Week 11)

(Week 12)

How It 'may not' Work

Unanswered fields in Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

Failure to whitelist existing investor sources or reach an agreement on the terms

Lack of depth in plan, use of funds, market feasibility, risk assessment etc

Failure to reach an agreement on termsheet

Issues identified during Due Diligence

Regulatory hurdles, though extremely rare


References* Available

10-year history of our investor sources financing investments or loans that range from US$20Mn to US$2Bn across the world

*Available upon signing the facilitator agreement

Ready to raise?

Answer a few questions, send us your NDA and we will get you started on our pre-qualification process.

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